Iron Ridge
Traditional Bluegrass Band

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"Last night Wayne and I attended your show (Strawberry Festival at Zion Shipley UM Church) and enjoyed it from beginning to end.  Even though it got a bit chilly we decided to stay right to the end.  You all are very talented and put on a fantastic show. Thank You for a fun night of music.  We will surely come back !!!"

"My wife and I attended the Iron Ridge performance June 22, 2014, at the Gring's Mill

amphitheater, Wyomissing, PA, as part of the Berks County 'Performing Arts in the Park' series. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the concert and your music on that lovely evening.  The four members of

Iron Ridge are certainly accomplished musicians who display energy and enthusiasm for Bluegrass.  Moreover, the vocals--particularly the harmonies--were impressive. We will watch your website

for other performances in the region and make every effort to attend.  God bless you and your talents."
--Sam Morris


"We listened to your brand new CD "Blue Sky Morning" on our way back from Gettysburg to

Pittsburgh.  We really enjoyed all your pieces.  What a wonderful variety.

Great arranging, beautiful sound and superb blending of voices!!  Thanks so much for giving

us the opportunity to hear a PROFESSIONAL Bluegrass group render their finest!! 

Denny, you are an amazing composer!!  Thanks again."
--Ed & Kathy Rak


"All four of you sounded very good at Menges Mills Friday night.  Good place for a live recording. 

I love what you guys are doing with the harmonies.  See you at The Hill"
-- Doug Mosley (Hanover, PA)


"Just want to tell you about seeing you at Manchester carnival.  We heard you there for the first time and what a pleasant surprise it was.  I bought all of your CDs.  Your music has a wonderful

bluegrass richness to it and my family and I fell in love with it after the first 2 songs.

We hope to travel to see you anytime we can.  Keep up the good picking and singing--

bluegrass truly touches many hearts.  Thank you.
-- Mary Jane Gast (Randallstown, MD)


"A couple of months ago, I received a copy of your CD.  I wanted to drop you a quick note

to let you know that I've added 5 songs from the CD to my Bluegrass playlist on my morning show:

I'll Bare the Shame, Lead Me To The Gate, Mountain Bill, Jesus Hold To My Hand,

and When I Stop Dreaming."
-- Kris Neil--WKDW-AM 900 (Staunton, VA)

"Hello Iron Ridge, Thanks extra for playing "Wye Oak Tree" at the Shrewsbury carnival.

It really made my week.  My father took me first to see the Wye Oak tree many years ago

when I was quite a youngster as a side trip when we went on a crabbing trip in Maryland. 

He told me his dad took him to see it when HE was a boy!  What is especially neat is my father

actually picked a very tiny little seedling there from the original tree and has it growing

in his back  yard!!!  For some odd reason the tree really struck me as it was HUGE to me as a

young man and seemed quite a majestic tree.  It struck me how it had been there
through our nation's birth and wars and had such a rich history.  I was very sad to hear

that it was destroyed, but delighted your band "honored" it with such
a neat song that recapped the very things that I also thought about the tree.

Thanks Denny, for not only playing, but writing this song. It gets me every time I hear it.


Regarding your new CD which I purchased at the carnival, I am MOST impressed.

I really like the "Who Will Sing For Me" track.  I was tempted to write a really
lengthy review of it for your website feedback, but I thought of a quote by Abe Lincoln

which said...'If I had more time I would have written you a shorter letter'....
so after much deliberation I think the highest compliment I can pay is by just saying this:  

Iron Ridge's "A New Beginning" is a CD that when played in your car makes you try and figure out

how to clap and stomp your feet while you drive at the same time!  

It's a great CD for bluegrass fans and has outstanding production quality."
-- Keith Ensor (York, PA)

"Hello Denny!  It's Linda & Richard from the yard sale.  We are enjoying the CDs so much! 

Love your music.  Just the way we like it.  We will be finding you now

on the road every chance we get.  You guys are top notch in our book.  How lucky we are

to have met you "by chance."  We wish you great success in the future.  You deserve it!"
-- Linda Bilo

"Hello!  I just wanted to thank you for making my niece's birthday outing to Bear Country

very special.  She is going to be 6 and I could not pull her away from your 'stage'. 

She absolutely loved listening to you guys and was so excited when "one of the cowboys"

winked at her. She tells everyone that the bluegrass band was her favorite part (imagine that,

a 6 year old girl in a store full of teddy bears and the music is her favorite part)! 

She wanted to call you on the phone to let you know how much she liked you but we decided to write instead.  Thanks again and we will definitely be hearing you again!"
-- April and Kacie (6) Wert  (York Haven, PA)

"Just wanted to let you know I think you guys are great.  I've been listening to bluegrass music

since 1962 as a senior in high school, so I know good bluegrass when I hear it.  

Thanks for the music and keep up the good work."
-- Harry Geedy (New Bloomfield, PA)

"I wanted to thank you for doing another terrific job at the Tuscarora Valley Heritage Days Festival in East Waterford this year.  Although I was unfortunately not able to attend,

I heard great things about your performance.  I am truly sorry that I missed it. 

My parents were kind enough to remove your latest CD from their car stereo long enough

for me to listen to it as well. 

I am not only impressed, but equally proud of your accomplishments over the past few years.

Your dynamics and vocal harmonies have greatly improved, along with the tone of your

instrumentation.  Although I enjoy the majority of your latest project

(My Little Cabin Home), a few songs were really a great pleasure to listen to (over and over). 

'A New Tradition' offers a familiar sound yet is presented in a refreshingly different way. 

'Love Untold' is a wonderfully written song that reminds me

of the country music that my parents listened to when I was very young. 

The harmonic ability of you fellows was truly exemplified on 'West Virginia's Last Hand Loader.' 

I feel honored to know each of you somewhat personally, and to have witnessed (from a distance)

your progress.  I wish you all great continued success in your climb up the bluegrass ladder."
--Vince Diem (Flint Hollow)

"You are a really talented bunch of guys.  A friend of mine and I came up to Boyds Bears months ago and were pleasantly surprised by the excellence of your band.  We actually came back sooner than planned so we could have an opportunity to hear your band again.  (Of course, we bought more bears, too.)   .....It is so good to hear bluegrass.  My favorites are the fiddle and the banjo.  I am impressed with the prolific songwriting talents of the members of the group.
Thank you for the wonderful music." 

-- Shirley Hott

"Unfortunately I was only able to get by Little Margaret's long enough for your first set

on Thursday, but I sure did enjoy it.   All the bands that played that day were good,

but there was a distinct contrast when Iron Ridge came on stage ....crisp and clean harmony, refreshingly understated professional showmanship and instrumental work as good as it gets!"
-- Bill Robie

"Iron Ridge is just what I look for in a bluegrass band. Tight harmony, variety, and great picking.  ....These guys are good!  Go to their website, get their schedule and check them out.

You won't be sorry."
-- Patrick Glass


"Thanks for the Down By The River CD.  Sounds great!  I especially like the original material.  

I also like the letter you sent along with the CD--a nice touch.  You guys have your "act" together.  Hope to catch one of your shows soon.  Also, very nice website!"
-- Greg & Ruth Rohrer

"We really enjoyed your music yesterday! [at Boyd's Bear Country] 

Look forward to hearing you again somewhere!"
 -- Clay & Barbara Dawson (Mechanicsburg, PA)

"Heard Iron Ridge for the first time at the Eichelberger Performing Arts Center, was so

very impressed.  Clear, rich, close harmony; good cut-offs together
at the end of the songs; good variety of music; and a pleasing appearance on stage. 

Playing in an orchestra myself, I can appreciate the discipline
of their practice together with a result of almost being perfect! 

This group has nowhere to go but up!  Thanks, keep up the good work,
hope to see and hear you very soon again."

-- Martha Channell  (Abbottstown, PA)

"Thanks again for making the Nashville Bluegrass event a huge success!  

Lord willing we will do another event."
-- Kevin and Sydney Nell  (Rock Creek band)