Iron Ridge
Traditional Bluegrass Band


                        The following items are available for purchase at any Iron Ridge performance,  

                                or you may order by email at 


       Before ordering CDs, please check with us on the availability of the CD you wish to order.

To order CDs, send a check or postal money order (payable to Denny Kopp)  

 in the amount of $13  (includes postage and handling)  

                                      to Denny Kopp, 366 Maple Avenue, Hanover, PA 17331 

                        Include the title of the CD that you want to order and your mailing address.  



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              Now available, our newest (all Gospel) CD,The Old Country Church  

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The Old Country Church CD cover.jpg

  The Old Country Church   $13 

The Old Country Church                   Do You Call That Religion
Are You Afraid To Die                     God's Coloring Book
On the Wings of Angels                    Paul and Silas
I'll Fly Away                               When the Saints Go Marching In
Swing Low Sweet Chariot                  Were You There When They
That Home He Prepared (Denny Kopp)          Crucified My Lord
Angel of Death                             Wait a Little Longer Please Jesus

Old Time Religion                          Amazing Grace

  True To Our Roots   $13 

One Tear                                Teardrops in My Eyes
Little Georgia Rose                     Julianne
Just One Teardrop                     Hello Trouble
     (and one step away)               Bringing Mary Home
Today's The Day I Get My            Maryanne
     Gold Watch and Chain             Ruben's Train
Rocky Top                               I Wonder Where  You Are Tonight

The Violet and the Rose               Railroad Bum

Don't Give Your Love to a Rambler

  The Tradition Continues   $13 

Lonesome Without You                Newton's Grove
I'll Be No Stranger There           Springtime In Glory
Wasted Words                        Somehow Tonight
Wagon Wheel                          Wild and Wicked World
Allelujah, I'm Ready To Go          Mother's Not Dead
Traveling The Highway Home         Harbor of Love
Wait a Minute                         Angel Band
                 Your Love is Like a Flower

  Many A Mile   $13  

Red Clay Halo                        Mother's Voice is in the Wind
Will He Wait a Little Longer         Angeline the Baker
Dark Hollow Falls (Denny Kopp)       Get Down on Your Knees and Pray
Country Poor and Country Proud      Seth's Reel (Denny Kopp)
Many A Mile                         Tennessee Mountain Man (Denny Kopp)
Camptown Races                     Get In Line Brother
There is a Home (Denny Kopp)       Cuckoo's Nest
Love Bug                              The Sweetest Gift


Sorry, Sold Out

 Iron Ridge--A New Beginning   $13
 (Tapes also available  $5)  

I'll Bear the Shame (Denny Kopp)          When I Stop Dreaming
Lead Me to the Gate (Denny Kopp)         Life of a Miner (Denny Kopp) 
Who Will Sing for Me?                     Another Night
Black Shiny Stone (Jerry Leitner)          Those Autumn Leaves (Denny Kopp)
High Sierras                                 His Wonderful Love (Denny Kopp)
Mountain Bill (Denny Kopp)                  Father I Will Abide (Denny Kopp)
Jesus Hold to My Hand (W.R. Mosley,    The Grass is Greener (Jerry Leitner)

        arranged by Jay Mosley)

 Iron Ridge--Down By The River   $13
 (Tapes also available $5)  

Gravel Yard                                              Doin' My Time
Down By The River (Denny Kopp)                       Somebody Touched Me
Memories of the Mountains (Denny Kopp)               I'm Going Home (Denny Kopp)
I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name              Cannonballs (Jerry Leitner)
Flyin' High (Denny Kopp)                                Wye Oak Tree (Denny Kopp)
Where Were You When the Nights Were Lonely      She Was The One (Kenny Fream)

                  (Jay Gobrecht)                        Sittin' on Top of the World
                                       A Beautiful Life

 Iron Ridge--On and On   $13 

 (Tapes also available  $5)  

Iron Ridge Breakdown (Denny Kopp)       Polly's Breakdown (Denny Kopp)

Mister Engineer                            The Man in the Middle

Helen                                       I Hope You've Learned

Lucketts Saturday Night (Denny Kopp)    Fox on the Run

Iron Curtain                                Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me

On and On                                 'Til the End of the World Rolls Round

  Iron Ridge Hats - $10