Iron Ridge
Traditional Bluegrass Band


 This is our story......  
      and we're sticking to it! 

Fate played a big hand in the birth of the Iron Ridge Band.  In January 2001, after spending a year or so jamming in various local spots throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland, the original members of the group just sort of individually gravitated to the weekly Monday night Jam Sessions at the Dutch Country Restaurant in Hanover, PA.  It didn't take long for the guys to realize what a great sound they produced together and they soon decided to form a band.  After tossing around a few other names, they finally settled on Iron Ridge, after a quaint village located in the Pigeon Hills of Pennsylvania where Denny and his wife Joyce found themselves exploring one afternoon.


The group "took off" from the very start, winning first place at the 2001 Fiddler's Convention in Westminster, MD.   Ever since, Iron Ridge has been in great demand!  They enjoy performing at many local--and no-so-local--shows, fairs, and festivals.  Fans have enjoyed Iron Ridge performances at Arcadia (MD) Fire Company's popular bluegrass festivals and indoor concerts, at the famous Lucketts Community Center in Virginia, and at schools, parks, carnivals, fire companies, churches, and clubs far and wide.


Since its origin, there have been a few changes in the makeup of Iron Ridge, as seems to occur with a lot of bands over time.  A couple of the boys have gone on to other endeavors.  Meanwhile, Iron Ridge continues in high style....these boys have bluegrass  running richly through their veins!  Now the band numbers four members, all who are dedicated to preserving the old-time traditional bluegrass in the style of Bill Monroe, Dr. Ralph Stanley, and others.  Most bands have only one lead singer, but with Iron Ridge everyone sings lead on different songs, so the band's "sound" offers a great variety.  Check out their performance schedule and come hear for yourselves.  You won't want to miss the awesome picking and fabulous three- and four-part harmonies of Iron Ridge!


Denny Kopp, mandolin player, songwriter, singer, and composer, has been playing Bluegrass since his early teens. At a young age, Denny (on Mandolin) and his brother Gene (on guitar) would spend hours and hours working on old Stanley Brother tunes and the harmonys. Their mother taught them how to harmonize and how to sing the various parts. Denny learned to play a four string banjo when he was 13, then went on to the mandolin and guitar and fiddle. His first mandolin was an old Sears one that he bought from a neighbor for five dollars (and he still has it). 


Denny formed The Piney Creek Ramblers with his brother and years later helped form The Pipe Creek Bluegrass Band. That band was together for quite a few years, and then in 2001, along with Jay Mosley and Jerry Leitner, Denny formed Iron Ridge.


Denny lives in Hanover PA with his wife Joyce (she can usually be seen manning the Iron Ridge CD table). They have three grown children-- Brad, Stephanie and Greg--and four grandchildren; Two currently reside in Elkhart, Indiana and two in Resaca, Georgia.


Denny writes many of the songs that Iron Ridge plays, and loves playing his Dearstone Mandolin. The band has recorded nine CDs to date. Many people have commented on how they love the harmonies of the Iron Ridge Band. They sure love singing those old Traditional Bluegrass tunes in two-, three- and four-part harmonies.


Jay was raised in Manchester, MD and now lives in Hampstead, MD with his wife Diana. They have four boys; Justin, Joey, Jacob and Jeremy. Six grandchildren Melody, Darcy, Sawyer, Emma, Eli and Sadie.


Jay started playing banjo at age 12. He plays a banjo that was purchased in pieces from Warner String Works in Hanover, PA that his father put together. He started with Iron Ridge in March 2001. In 2011 Jay was diagnosed with focal dystonia that affects his left thumb and index finger.  He would like to thank Dr.Glaun at Sinai Hospital in Towson, MD for his treatment of this disease that keeps Jay hanging on.

God is good all the time.

In January 2020, Iron Ridge was very pleased to welcome our newest band member, Len Dick. Len brings to the band many years of varied musical talents on guitar, harmonica, mandolin, bass guitar, and he’s a fine singer as well.

Len got his first guitar when he was 21 years old but didn't do much playing until, at age 25, he met his future wife……and was inspired by her dad—local country and bluegrass fiddler Toby Tyler.  Once Len heard Toby play, he was hooked!  He started going to their family picnic jams and would play along the best that he could.  Years later he played with a country gospel band, and in 1991 started his own group—The Gospel Grass Band.  During his band’s 14 years, they recorded three albums.

Len’s love of harmonica playing came from listening to his mother play when he was young.  He had always liked it, and played it on and off over the years.  Once he had his own band, he played it much more.  Len also plays electric bass when the need arises.

Len started his own sign business at the age of eighteen, right out of high school—Len Dick Signs in Gettysburg, PA.  He’s now been in business for over 45 years.  He and his wife Deb, who reside in the Gettysburg area, have been married for 38 years.  They have two married children, Chad and Alicia, and one granddaughter.


Max Allison on upright bass joined Iron Ridge in January 2005, and he brings to the band a fine sense of timing and a fine singing voice to blend with the boys on their many three- and four-part harmonies. Max has been playing bluegrass for over 30 years, during which time he played with Denny's Pipe Creek Band back in the 1990s. He is an accomplished, multi-talented musician....he not only plays bass but the banjo, guitar, and mandolin as well. And he, too, did Iron Ridge proud at the 2006 Deer Creek Fiddlers Convention, winning first place on banjo and second place on guitar.


Max was born in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, and now resides in Seven Valleys, PA with his wife Vicke and two children, Katelin and Jared.

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