Iron Ridge
Traditional Bluegrass Band
 N E W S   &   R E V I E W S  

 From the Exchange Club of Hanover 

 P.O. Box 634  Hanover, PA 17331  

 September 2016  

 Iron Ridge Blue Grass Band
 On behalf of the Exchange Club of Hanover, I would like to express our thanks and  appreciation for
 your participation in the club’s Fifteen Year 9/11 Memorial Healing Field TM.  We appreciate you 
 taking time from your busy schedule to be at this special event, and to help the community remember
 that tragic day because we must never forget.
 We must never forget that there are those in this world that want to take our freedom away.  
 They tried that day fifteen years ago, but we came together as a nation and the symbol of the  
 American Flag was everywhere.  We use this same symbol as a reminder of the horror of that day  
 and as a memorial to the victims of that day.
 Our program to honor those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001 and those  
 military personnel from the surrounding areas of Northern Maryland and South Central Pennsylvania  
 who have lost their lives in the war on terrorism was an inspirational and moving experience to all  
 those who attended the event. It gives us all a time to reflect on the events of fifteen years ago.
 Thank You!  
     Bob Channell  
     Program Chairman  
     2016 Healing Field TM. 
     Exchange Club of Hanover 
     Phone 717-465-7356  


 The Iron Ridge Archive 


 From Bluegrass Unlimited magazine
 (November 2005 issue)


This latest recording venture truly represents a new beginning for the band Iron Ridge in that

several of the band members have undergone personal struggles that many of us can readily

identify with. The 14 titles are well constructed original pieces like Those Autumn Leaves,
Mountain Bill, Life of a Miner
, and His Wonderful Love.  Also featured
are compelling arrangements of the Harley Allen classic High Sierra, and along with

Carter Stanley's Who will Sing For Me, A New Beginning is indicative of the fact that

Iron Ridge is back with a vengeance and looking into a future that holds great promise.


 From Ray Dorsey (CHAOS REALM -- Baltimore, MD)
 (November 2005) 

I'm the first person to admit that I'm a bluegrass novice.  Hell, I guess at metal
and everything else since no one is stupid enough to be paying me do do this.
But, I have only followed bluegrass for a few years. The thing is, in that short a time,

I have not found any band nearly as good as IRON RIDGE.
That is a fact and, with this, their newest CD, they've done nothing but cement that standing

for me. With this CD, IRON RIDGE has overcome some physical/medical adversity to a few

of their members, had a couple leave, but emerged from the other side standing taller than ever.

I know I've said it before, but one thing about bluegrass, also prevalent in Celtic folk,

is that the greater majority of bands ply the trade of rattling off versions of traditional
songs.  Now sure, we're talking about timeless stuff and it deserves to be
recognized and interpreted, but after a while it gets a little difficult to make the
old stuff sound new. That's where IRON RIDGE steps in.

Once again, they have produced an album that is composed mainly of their own stuff...
and what stuff it is!  From the opening of I'll Bear The Shame through wonderful
cuts like Black Shiny Stone and the gorgeous Jesus Hold My Hand,
this band is absolutely "on it" all the time. The songs are catchy and emotional,
the vocals are spot-on and the playing is scintillating. All the members are great:

 Max Allison --bass; Denny Kopp--mandolin, fiddle, and vocals;
Jay Mosley--banjo and vocals; Jerry Leitner--guitar and vocals.
Still, most impressive of all is the lead guitar work of
Joey Mosley.
Here's a guy who's just entered his teenage years and, through the inspiration of his dad (Jay)

and great-grandfather (William Reed Mosley--R.I.P.--a master banjo picker), has taken over this

guitar spot with all the poise and confidence of a long-time pro.

Without question, the bluegrass album of the year and one of the best overall. 

Tremendous stuff.

 From Bluegrass Unlimited magazine
 (August 2004 issue)

Iron Ridge is a six-member bluegrass band based in Hanover, PA.  With “My Little Cabin Home,”

the guys have created an album of original bluegrass intermixed with a few familiar melodies.
Denny Kopp (mandolin, fiddle, and vocals), Jerry Leitner (guitar and vocals), and

Kenny Fream (resonator and lead guitar and vocals) appear to be the group’s prime songwriting

talent, having contributed no less than ten of the total sixteen performances,

with such titles as A New Tradition, Love Untold, Twisted Memories, and the instrumental

Pickett’s Revenge.  Featuring tight vocal arrangements and precise instrumentation,

Iron Ridge has created a superlative package of mainstream bluegrass that should

significantly elevate the band’s musical profile.

 From Ray Dorsey (CHAOS REALM)
 (July 2004)

My love of bluegrass music is something that has kinda snuck up on me over the past

couple years, much as folk did in the early ‘90s. In respect to that, I’m really happy

to have learned that my area (Maryland/lower PA) is home to some killer acts in the genre,

notably John O’Dell, The Good Deale Bluegrass Band, and these guys, IRON RIDGE. 

In fact, I would have to say that with this new release, the IRON RIDGE BLUEGRASS BAND

has stepped up to take on all comers!  Now, I liked their previous 2 CDs quite a bit, but with

 “. . . Cabin Home” they’ve gone over the hump and really made a statement.

Of course, IRON RIDGE has great playing and vocals.  You can’t be anything worth your salt

in this musical form without that, and each member of the band plays his role to the hilt.


Whether it’s the ripping lead guitar of Kenny Fream (man, this guy can play!),

the sweet picking banjo of  Jay Mosley , or the rhythm guitar of Jay’s 12-year-old son

Joey Mosley (the newest member of IRON RIDGE), they all put the hammer down big time.

The rest of the line-up is composed of Jimmy Cross (bass), Jerry Leitner (rhythm guitar), and

Denny Kopp (mandolin & fiddle), and they all bring vocals to the table that blend

as well as they are varied.  Still, with all of this shredding talent, that’s not what’s elevated

this band to the level I’m hearing now.  No, it’s the songwriting. 

While a lot of bluegrass artists, particularly those treading in the traditional-sounding arena,

are content to continue to do no more than re-hash ancient classics,

IRON RIDGE has taken the bull by the horns. Of the 16 tracks on this beefy CD, 11 are originals

and they stand up proud & tall.  Sure, their version of the Hugh Moffatt classic

Rose of My Heart is breathtaking, but listen to Love Untold, Sweet Mountain Girl or

Twisted Memories.  Right there on equal footing.

And with rippers like The Blues are Just Outside My Door, Papa Didn’t Tell Me, and

I Just Sit Here Alone, the IRON RIDGE band is laying down what could become classics

for a new generation, as the album’s opener A New Tradition couldn’t be any more accurate.

For veteran listeners of the genre, this is as good a new album as you could buy.

For newcomers, there couldn’t be a better place to start.

It’s an awesome release from not only the best bluegrass band from around these parts,

but from anywhere these days, in my opinion. Essential!

 From Ray Dorsey (CHAOS REALM -- Baltimore, MD)
 (January 2005)

This is just to let you know that your album/CD
made my CHAOS REALM Top 10 for 2004.

Hope to hear more from you in 2005!!!